Long Lake Road depression getting more noticeable

The in basket: James Pape writes, “I drive Long Lake Road from Woods Road to Sedgwick (in South Kitsap) most days. In the southbound lane just past the big farm on the right the road way is sinking. In the last couple of months it has dropped 6 to 8 inches on the right edge of the road and extends in to the middle of the roadway.

“At 40 mph it is quite a jolt and seems to be getting worse,” he said  “Has the county any answer to why and when this might be fixed?”

The out basket: Coincidentally, I had driven that route twice the day before James wrote, and hadn’t noticed the dip. When I later went looking for it, there was a small but noticeable  jolt at that spot. For someone in vehicle with stiff suspension or on a motorcycle, I can see how it would be more disorienting.

Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works says they are aware of the dip. “We are monitoring it and will evaluate any action needed in the spring or summer,” he said. “There is no culvert, spring or other obvious cause for the problem. We need to excavate the site to determine the reason, and that type of work is very weather dependent. We will take action sooner than spring if conditions warrant, or if we get an extended period of favorable weather.”

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