Ross Point parking limit puzzles Road Warrior

The in basket: I noticed a couple of months ago that the Ross Point area on Highway 166 had been posted for four-hour parking. That’s where smelt fishermen park their cars while they fish in Sinclair Inlet.

There can be dozen of cars lining the highway when the fish are running, but it seemed odd that anyone would need to park longer than four hours in pursuit of smelt, or for any other reason.  I asked what prompted the time limit.

The out basket: Port Orchard Police Chief Geoffrey Marti says, “Approximately two years ago we received many complaints regarding a homeless encampment that had developed at Ross Point. In investigating, we discovered a large campsite with several make-shift structures. The grounds had also become unsanitary, as you can imagine. A cleanup was organized, it took two days and several dumpsters.

“In order to prevent a reoccurrence and monitor this issue, four-hour parking limits allowed for lawful use of this area but helped curtail the developments of homeless camps,” he said.

If I’m wrong about what species the fisherman are after, I’m sure I’ll hear about it from you readers.

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