What’s the holdup on 303-Ridgetop signal job?

The in basket: Tom Wisniewski asks, “What is taking so long with the traffic light installation on Ridgetop at Highway 303?  “When you compare the scope of work there with what was accomplished on Bucklin Hill Road this summer, the Ridgetop project seems to be stuck in idle.

“There has been a sign for months about night work at this exit but I have only seen anybody working at night three times at best.

“Now the county website says the contractor is waiting on material.  I would think the new light would have been ordered before any construction started.  This seems to be a very poorly planned/executed project,” Tom said.

The out basket: Delays in getting the metal poles and cross-arms for any project that includes street lights or traffic signals are so predictable it would be more surprising if they didn’t hold up a project.

I’ve asked the reason and whether ordering them way in advance would help, but I don’t really understand what I have been told. Evidently having them lie around in a storage yard waiting to be installed has some negative bearing on warranties.

I asked if the signal project is behind schedule.

Jacques Dean, the county’s construction manager, says, “Signal poles are the primary hold up, as they are long lead items and are backlogged.  They are scheduled to arrive late this month.

“In addition, there was a back order for the water quality units. The units did arrive Nov. 6, and the contractor has begun to install them.  Following installation of the vaults, the contractor will complete all remaining curb/gutter and sidewalk.

“The pavement striping sub-contractor is scheduled to begin installing plastic pavement markings (now).  Application of this material is weather sensitive…pavement must be dry…so this will be hit-and-miss work.  They will, more than likely, have to complete the work in several steps, as weather permits.

“Following installation of pavement markings, the project will be in a hold pattern until the signal poles arrive.  I anticipate the project being complete the first or second week in December.

“The contractor is within the 60 working days allotted for construction,” Jacques said.

3 thoughts on “What’s the holdup on 303-Ridgetop signal job?

  1. The work was supposed to start in early August, so I’m not sure how they are within the 60 working days. I guess they only count days that they work on it, which is not much!

  2. This is the page showing the project (priority # 19, pg 8)on Kitsap County’s Transportation Improvement Planner: http://www.kitsapgov.com/pw/pdf/2013-2018_TIP.pdf
    This document (signed by commissioners last November shows this was to be constructed beginning in JUNE of this year. I believe construction did not begin until July, after the Road Warrior posed questions to county staff.

    If construction began in July, how can this project be within the 60 days allowed? We had so little rain in October, and it seems those dry days were wasted.

    I wonder if someone can ask the questions regarding when the poles and other delayed materials were ordered, since it us known that some of these are ‘long lead items’. How about a COMPLETE review of how this project was handled from start to whenever it does get finished?

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