Highway 304 median work to continue

The in basket: R.M. Parker commented on the recent Road Warrior column about the truncated cleanup of the Highway 303 median in Bremerton by saying, “I thought great progress was made considering the shape the Gateway was in and the really tough southern section. I am now wondering who is responsible and the contact for the non-city portion of the median further south. It would be nice to contact them and see if that portion can also be cleaned up.”

The out basket: The city itself is responsible for the entire median, even that outside the city limits, says Engineer Gunnar Fridriksson of city public works.

“The city has formal agreements with (the state) for maintenance,” he said. “The reason for our being responsible for the county portion of the roadway (the stretch from the Missouri Gate out to the 3-304 interchange) was the plan had been to annex this area after construction of the last city phase of the 304 project was completed.

“With the turmoil of the last few years, this annexation has been put on the back burner for now. We, as well, own and maintain the street lighting along Charleston Beach Road.

“We did have a maintenance contract with a landscaping company for just over a year (2011) shortly after construction, and this area was in really good shape back then. The contract was a casualty with the budget process.

“I am not sure who did the work, but if you notice the frontage along Cliff’s Cycle, someone has gone in there and cut and cleaned up that section very nicely,” Gunnar said.

As for the unfinished section of the First Street-to-Farragut Avenue section of the median attacked by volunteers on Oct. 22, it will be finished, including application of garden bark its entire length, by city crews this week.

April 5 has been chosen for the next volunteer cleaning, from Farragut to Charleston Beach Road, he said. That will leave the remainder of the median out to Highway 3. The speed limit there (45 miles per hour) is too high to have volunteers do it. The city wants to get it done, but the how and when remains undecided.

3 thoughts on “Highway 304 median work to continue

  1. Well, while we argue about landscaping, could we talk about the condition, and safety of the Sheridan and Warren Intersection, sidewalks, and safety? Because it looks like crap and is unsafe.

    I can appreciate that people want Bremerton to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. But, Lipstick on a Pig Beatification and Restoration, should be taking a back seat to safety.

    I don’t understand how it’s important to have “cattle crossings” on main drags for public transportation, or the need to have a gateway and have unnecessary brick laid side walks and intersections. Particularly poorly built ones.

    Due to the never ending road construction in downtown Bremerton, the #11 Crosstown Route (Kitsap Transit), the bus is ALWAYS running 15-20 minutes late in the afternoons. And because of the construction adjacent to the East Bremerton Transfer Center, it’s VERY clear that there’s a lack of oversight and coordination between the DCD, Street Department, and the Office of the Mayor, Charlene Foxtrot.

    BTW, WHEN will the city get around to putting the Crosswalk back up and marked in Seabeck?

  2. Thank you for helping out with this one Travis. The answers you were able to obtain were far more detailed and reflected the information we were looking for. Guess this Gateway landscape mess is all on the city to resolve without a responsibility for any section being the county or WSDOT.

    Disappointing that when sitting in the Gateway clean-up after-action meeting, the discussion was brought up of contacting the county or state about the southern section, none of the city leadership attending informed us of the inter-local agreement or it being the city’s full responsibility. The specific answer given was “Any help we can get would be appreciated”. Maybe it’s what cleverly wasn’t said rather than what was that is the more important.

    Thanks for obtaining the answers we were looking for. Appreciate your help.

    In case anyone else is looking for the document signed by the city, it can be found here: http://webdb.ci.bremerton.wa.us/weblink8/0/doc/553/Page1.aspx

  3. Why does Bremerton need yet ANOTHER handout from the county and state to clean up its own transportation corridors? If anything, the city should be fined and taken to court for screwing up the transit corridors with the never ending Lipstick On a Pig Beautification. The Cattle Crossing at Burwell and Warren, was a waste of money. The city gets how much much per Red Light Infraction ? And how many intersections are there with those cameras on that corridor?

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