Another skeptic wonders about impact of new Silverdale traffic light

The in basket: Bob Arper is worried about the impact on traffic from the new traffic signal being installed at the southbound off-ramp from Highway 303 to Ridgetop Boulevard in Silverdale.

“The traffic back-up in the southbound lane of Ridgetop Boulevard at the interchange and existing light often stretches well beyond the traffic lights at the intersection close to Ridgetop Junior High when school lets out,” Bob said..

“Can you find out if the additional light they are working on will be synched with the lights close to the junior high?”

The in basket: Eventually, they will be. For now, though, the conduit for fiber-optic line to tie the new signal to Hillsboro, the street near the junior high, and Myhre Road down the hill have no specific date for installation.

The conduit has been installed on the project site, so the two signals at the interchange will work together. “The controller on the existing signal on the east side has been upgraded and interconnected to make coordination easier,” says Doug Bear of the county public works department.

Bob’s inquiry echoes that of Jerry Van Fossen, who predicted a year ago in August that congestion will worsen when the signal is operating.

Jeff Shea, traffic engineer for Kitsap County, said then, “The new signal will be under the control of the state.  (It) has many highway ramps with signalized intersections on both ramp terminals, including the SR 303/Silverdale ramps.  They have the trained personnel to make the signal timing coordination as facilitating as possible, and they are willing to work with us on signal coordinations.

“I can’t make the claim that this won’t impact the other delays,”Jeff said then, “but they should be minimal if at all.

“The county’s road plan calls for lengthening the right turn lane on westbound Ridgetop approaching the interchange in 2018. “This would shorten the queues by allowing more motorists to reach that turn lane without getting delayed in the through-lane queue,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Another skeptic wonders about impact of new Silverdale traffic light

  1. Are they planning on moving the electrical panel mounted on a post in the middle of the right turn lane in the construction area on Ridgetop Blvd NB side?

  2. In response to Maseace’s question, Jacques Dean of Kitsap County Public Works says “This service cabinet will remain where it is. It is located behind the new sidewalk and is not an obstruction to pedestrians, nor does it obstruct site distance for vehicles making a right turn.”

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