Differing dates for Gorst area work were intentional

The in basket: In the days before the state highway maintenance crews cut brush and swept Jersey barrier alongside Highway 16 just south of Gorst, they announced their plans with a couple of portable electronic signs

The one in Gorst said Road Work would be done on Oct. 23, but the one up by Tremont Street, facing the other direction, said it would done Oct. 22.

“Somebody screwed up,” I thought to myself and jetted off an e-mail to Olympic Region information employees to ask which was right and what was to be done.

The out basket: Happily, I didn’t use the term “somebody screwed up” in my e-mail, because it turned out to be on purpose.

The work from Gorst west was done on the 23rd and that in the other direction was done the day before, so the signs described the dates of the work for traffic moving in that direction.

The key is the barrier between the directions of travel. Claudia Bingham-Baker of the Olympic Region public information state said, “We always try to give directional information when we’re talking about multi-lane highways.

“On the smaller, two-lane highways, when you close one lane you affect both directions because you have to do alternating traffic,” she said.

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