SR303 barrier gets cleaned after all

The in basket: Carole Atkinson sent an e-mail this week asking, “Who can I send a thank you for finally cleaning off the weeds and moss from the medians on Highway 303?”

The out basket: I was surprised when I saw that it had been done when I drove through there last week. When I last talked with Duke Stryker, head of state highway maintenance here, in August, when Joan Zellinsky asked if  they could be cleaned, he couldn’t guarantee that other more pressing demands wouldn’t keep them from getting to it.

“That clean-up was done by our crews on SR 303 last week,” Duke now tells me, “when they got a chance to sweep the median barrier and take care of the moss. In August it was tough to predict whether we would have the time to get that work done, but fortunately we were able to finish other projects sooner than we anticipated and we were able to squeeze it in.”

I don’t know if Carol used Duke’s e-mail address, which I gave her, to personally thank him, but he got the message.

“Please thank Ms. Atkinson for her positive feedback,” he said. “The crew really appreciates it.”

They were doing similar work on Highway 16’s Jersey barrier just east of Gorst this week.


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