Tree limbs said to block view of 303-Brownsville Highway signals

The in basket: Martha Mealey writes, “Just wondering if there are any plans to trim back the trees on southbound Highway 303 as you approach Brownsville Highway intersection.

“It’s very hard to see the light when it changes,” she said.

The out basket: I’ve driven this three times to see if trees present a problem and I suppose a few limbs closest to the signal could use a trimming.

Approaching from a distance, there is heavy overgrowth off deciduous trees on the right side of the highway, obscuring the signals, but the orientation of the signal lenses would prevent a good look at whether the light is green or red until you get pretty close even if there were no trees.

But I have referred Martha’s inquiry to the state maintenance office here for consideration of whether some tree limbs should go.

Arrival of autumn may temporarily correct whatever problem exists as the leaves fall.

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