Sylvan Way crest could use lower speed limit, reader thinks

The in basket: Dave Neidlinger thinks the speed limit on Sylvan Way in Bremerton east of Olympus Drive should have the same 25 mph speed limit as the other side of that hill. It’s 35 mph on the east side now.

It would “ensure drivers approach the crest slower than they are legally allowed to do currently,” he said. “Most slow down now, but if a driver wants to, they can fly over the top and there are several driveways near the top of the hill on each side.

“I realize a driver may be cited if he causes an accident because he didn’t show caution when approaching the crest, but that’s after the fact,” Dave said.  Meanwhile people are injured or dead along with the property damage.

“Simply moving the 25 mph speed limit signs east to Forrest Drive, or Heider Drive at the least, should ensure a slower approach to the crest of the hill and the (nearly blind) intersection with Olympus at the top,” he said.

The out basket: The county agrees that it could be name safer, but will leave the speed limits alone.

Jeff Shea, county traffic engineer, says, “We will put up a Crossroad Sign prior to the intersection, and put up an Advisory Speed of 20 mph. (Those are the black letters on yellow background signs that a lot of people mistake for speed limit signs, but they are only suggestions that a lower speed would be a good idea.)

“We may also remove the 35 mph sign located prior to the hill,” Jeff said.

2 thoughts on “Sylvan Way crest could use lower speed limit, reader thinks

  1. I agree with slowing down, but I’d be interested in knowing if statistics support the claim “Meanwhile people are injured or dead along with the property damage.”

  2. Ditto on Nick’s comment. However, 35mph isn’t flying, and there doesn’t seem to be data to support the voiced concern.

    Something not addressed is the presumption Dave makes that a driver doing the speed limit on the arterial would be the one causing an accident, as opposed to being caused by a failure to yield if someone was entering or exiting a driveway. I still can’t find anything requiring slowing when approaching the crest of a hill.

    Also it seems there is something more interesting here. Eastbound the speed limit increases to 35mph just before Olympus. Westbound the speed limit drops to 25mph at Petersville. Both of these changes are at the city limits.

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