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3 thoughts on “What’s our $2 noxious weed fee being spent on?

  1. So I checked out the facebook page in the other post, but I’m curious about this statement:
    “The best motto that I have with the Scotch broom is ‘One a day keeps millions away.’ If we all (pulled out) just one a day not only on our properties but also in public areas we could make a difference.”

    I understand not focusing on the scotch broom, but it seems that motto is being ignored. Why remove other weeds from around scotch broom and ignore a few small plants/clusters?

  2. Seems to me that if the companies doing the land clearing would would be made responsible to clean out the scotch broom that covers the area they cleared, this would make for a LARGE DENT in the broom population. Instead it is allowed to grow there, unchecked. Spreading it seeds everywhere.

  3. I have very little confidence in the noxious weed program excuses or methods and a ton of more programs similarly managed. There was a time when taxpayers paid a fee and workers showed up and handled the problems before they got out of hand. Now we pay a higher fees to hire people with larger salaries and benefits just to told we’re under funded and here’s a pamphlet, DO IT YOURSELF.

    I like the old ways when we paid for things and they actually got accomplished. Maybe we should just fire the staff, save our money and hire the work done ourselves…

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