16th Street’s red light cameras now watch only through traffic

The in basket: Sandra Hill was unlucky enough to be among those cited for running the red light while turning right at the 16th Street entrance to Olympic College in Bremerton while that still was a violation.

Her experience serves as a window into what one can expect when so cited, and raises a question about the rules at that intersection now.

Sandra, like many others who have been cited, said that as she looked at the two still photos enclosed with the notice of violation mailed to her, it didn’t look like she had run the red .

“(One) picture shows my car with brake lights on and clearly stopped at the white line while the red light was on,” she said. “Then another photo shows my car turning the corner to go towards the college, while the light was still red.

“The sign at that corner said  ‘Stop On Red.’  It didn’t say ‘No Turn On Red.’

“Now, of course, I’m not sure if that photo stop sign is still working,” she added, “because the city has revamped the entrance to the college, and made a separate right turn lane with a Yield sign at the merge with 16th street.”

The out basket: I advised Sandra to go online or to the municipal court office and watch the video of her infraction. Brake lights mean only that the brakes have been applied, not that the car is stopped. The still photos can be misleading.

Sandra and the judge who heard her case decided the video showed that she had made a rolling stop through the light, and she was fined. As is normally the case when one goes to court and doesn’t try for a not guilty verdict, the amount of her fine was lowered from $124 to $86.

“The court gave me three months to pay it off,” she said. “If I had needed any longer, they have a collection company which has a representative right in the court building, and I could have made arrangements with them to have a longer pay-off time, but they would charge interest.

“By the time I paid the interest, it would have been like paying the whole fine. So, I bit the bullet and made three payments, and did without a few things,” she said.

The red light cameras remain at the 16th and Warren intersection, but the one that caught Sandra is only watching now for straight-through violations. The revised intersection has a Yield sign for right turns, so rolling rights are permitted if the driver yields to traffic that has the green light.

The camera watching northbound traffic there is working the same as before the intersection was changed, watching through traffic.

6 thoughts on “16th Street’s red light cameras now watch only through traffic

  1. People are running reds like crazy throughout Silverdale lately especially on the blinking yellow lefts. I know if you’re butt it out there then it makes some sense, but when you see another 2 people go after that when the cross traffic clearly has a green? I say it’s time for a lot more of those red light cameras if only to stop the hideous driving seen around town.

  2. I have a friend who was also ticketed for a right turn at the Olympic College at 16th Street. She was told by her insurance agent that if the court made her pay the fine to bring in a copy of the ticket. Her agent pulled the information on making a right turn on red and allowed my friend to take it into court with her.

    I have also been ticketed for this intersection doing the exact same thing. It doesn’t matter if a person stops or not, tickets were given like crazy for that intersection and the city did nothing proactively to stop it.

    It’s about time the City of Bremerton step up to the plate and do what is right. Unfortunately, they have burned enough people that one step like this is almost laughed at as a bad publicity stunt.

  3. So if I go to court and plead guilty they will lower the fine but if I plead not guilty they will throw the book at me? What a scam! These Red Light cameras are owned, operated and maintained by a foreign company! This is a for profit business and Bremerton has allowed Redflex Inc. to use the court house to make big bucks. The court has hired a fake robe wearing judge to hear these cases. She has no oath of office and so therefore the “judge” is in violation of the law but they throw the book at someone making a perfectly safe turn on red? What is the bigger violation of the law? No Oath of Office or a rolling right hand turn on red? Wake up Bremerton! This has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with a business relationship for the sole purpose of profit.
    These tickets are robo signed out of state “under the penalty of perjury” yet in my case the Bremerton cop who signed and dated it was off duty, his name was signed by Redflex Inc..they issued and served the infraction from Arizona. What a SCAM!!!
    To think that Judge James Docter allows the court house to be used as a cash cow for Redflex Inc and the City. He hired a fake robe wearing unsworn, unqualified “judge”, what more evidence do you need to realize these red light cameras are corrupt?

  4. …….have we already forgotten that Bremerton has used these cameras to gather evidence for crimes other than red light infractions? That’s a clear violation of the law!!
    ……..yet they bust you and fine you for making a perfectly safe turn on right? In my case, my vehicle (I refuse to nark on the driver) crossed the line by 27/100th of a second, no one was hurt or even inconvenienced, no harm was done, infact under the circumstances it was the safest thing for my driver to do yet they threw the book at me!
    With a fake robe wearing “judge” and a perjury robo cop!
    Judge Docter , Mayor Lent, Lubovich, Koontz and Officer Miller have ruined my trust in a fair and honest judicial system! Keeps me up at night to think they can get away with it.

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