Rolling slow down puzzles Highway 3 drivers

The in basket: Glenn Hostetter called to say he saw a puzzling thing coming out of Bremerton on Highway 304 on Monday. April 15. The line of cars he was in was met by a state Department of Transportation truck that pulled out in front of them just as they reached the merge with southbound Highway 3 traffic.

A second WSDOT truck did the same thing with the Highway 3 traffic. A car positioned itself between the two trucks as the caravan crawled toward Gorst at about 5 miles per hour. One of the trucks had an electronic sign on the back saying it was a rolling slow down.

When they got almost to Gorst, the car pulled to the side and the two trucks sped up and continued on their way.

Traffic in the other directions was proceeding normally.

What was it all about? he asked.

The out basket: Duke Stryker, head of the state maintenance crews here, said the slowdown kept traffic away from another state crew that was removing some debris from the roadway up ahead. He didn’t say what it was, but it clearly wasn’t big enough to require closure of a lane of the highway, with all the attendant signs and warnings, or small enough a state trooper could throw it onto the shoulder.

Rolling slow downs occur from time to time, but the only one I’ve ever witnessed personally involved a state patrol car weaving back and forth at slow speed across all the lanes of southbound Highway 3 as it approached Highway 304. I think that one involved a complicated traffic stop on the shoulder.


2 thoughts on “Rolling slow down puzzles Highway 3 drivers

  1. Just a guess, perhaps they were covering the placement of the devices used to record traffic flow for the study they are conducting in that corridor?

  2. I got caught in one of those a few years back down in Chehalis when they were starting the construction on I-5. It wasn’t nearly that slow, only down to about 35 but never saw any reason for it.

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