Drivers must play chicken next to Kiwanis Park

The in basket: Mike Woodford writes to describe his usual route to work, which takes him up Fourth Street eastbound to reach his parking area at State and Fourth.

“The modifications to the Kiwanis Park on Fourth include several ‘finger pier’ pedestrian paths that narrow the street considerable,” he said. “There are no crosswalks with these paths (pedestrians expect traffic to stop) and the lighting is very poor. There is a 100-yard section of Fourth Street that forces vehicles to play chicken as they try to figure out where the lanes are with oncoming vehicles.

“Is there a plan for this area?,” Mike asked. “Will it be a one-way street?

“Right now it is dangerous.”

The out basket: It’s not completed, and when it is, it will remain a two-way street.

Gunnar Fridriksson of the city street engineers says, “I believe what Mr. Woodford is referencing as “finger piers” is the back-in angle parking sidewalk extensions.

“This area still needs to be signed and striped, along with crosswalks placed. The contractor is winding down work and this is one of the items for them to complete in the next several weeks.

“The street configuration is for two lanes of traffic, one eastbound and one westbound, with parallel parking on the south side of the street and the angle-in parking on the north side,” he said.




One thought on “Drivers must play chicken next to Kiwanis Park

  1. What a concept! I’m thinking whomever came up with the brilliant idea of having people stop traffic, then try to back in a narrow parking space without damaging either vehicle, while other vehicles are trying to get around them! Perhaps the genius behind this is the owner of a body and fender shop. Very few people can operate their car in reverse on a good day, let alone tring to fit into a space just large enough for the car and still leave room to open the doors.
    Ooops, I forgot – the mayor only wants “modern” cars in town.

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