A Narrows bridge repaving – so soon?

The in basket: I’ve read a couple of stories about efforts to avoid or minimize toll increases on the Tacoma Narrow Bridges, and was struck by one proposal from State Sen. Nathan Schlicher to reduce pressure for an increase.

He’s asked that an overlay (repaving) of the bridges be delayed from the next two-year budget cycle to the one after.

Why would the bridges require an overlay at all so soon after the construction of the new one and retrofitting of the old one, I wondered.

The out basket: Annie Johnson of the state toll program, Good to Go!, says, “The asphalt bridge deck overlays on the Tacoma Narrows Bridges are relatively shallow. Shallower overlays, like the one on the bridge, have a typical lifespan of seven to eight years. The new bridge opened in 2007 which means that it would likely need a new overlay in 2014 or 2015.”

Only the new bridge is to be overlaid this time, she said. It’s described in the news stories as a $3 million job.

4 thoughts on “A Narrows bridge repaving – so soon?

  1. As long as the road surface is still in good condition this seems like something that could reasonably be pushed off for a year or two. Certainly as a driver the road surface seems fine.

  2. And when can we expect the Warren Ave bridge to be resurfaced! The last job done it neigh on twenty years ago started to fail almost as soon as they were done with it.
    Look at the patches and pot holes along the entire length of the bridge and honestly say that it isn’t due for repair! Wish they would have done that instead of the new rails!

  3. Drove the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge today and the old one, too. The old one has lots of problems; the new one is great. Stop looking at a calendar and look at the road. If a repaving is done, choose the old bridge when the time comes.

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