Parking won’t take place of demolished NAD Park cabin

The in basket: Karen Ebersole e-mailed Jan. 14 to say, “I couldn’t help but wonder what the plans are for the space freed up by the demolished cabin in NAD Park. Yesterday morning … I drove through around 9 a.m., veering around cars lining the road on both sides (must have been 40-plus vehicles)  and dodging people crossing the road in both directions. There was obviously a very well-attended disc golf match under way. This is not the first time this has happened, and I know the Scout Shop is often lacking for parking.

“The article in the Sun this morning indicated they will use it for open space,” Karen said. “I wonder if additional parking was ever considered, as it is often a hazard to drive through there – it tends to be a major thoroughfare.”

The out basket: No additional parking, though a recognized need, isn’t imminent.

Wyn Birkenthal, head of Bremerton Parks, says, “The Parks Department is working on plans to provide additional parking and pedestrian crossing safety on Austin Drive at NAD. (But,) ideally, additional parking wouldn’t come into the open space as far as the old cabin footprint.

“Funding to design and pave a new lot and pedestrian crosswalk is not available at this time and would have to be

procured through grants and\or community participation,” Wyn said.

If, like me, you weren’t sure from the from the story and photo about the demolition, which cabin was razed, it was an old caretakers cabin by the restrooms, not the one the Scouts use.


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