Close call on Anderson Hill Road generates request for a barrier

The in basket: Bob Hoag of Silverdale said he was almost clobbered by a big box truck pulling out of the service station at Anderson Hill and Provost/Old Frontier roads as he passed by eastbound on Anderson Hill. He hit the gas to get past the truck and avoid getting T-boned.

It caused him to suggest a traffic revision there,

“I feel that the driveway out of the gas station on Anderson Hill Road should only be allowed for vehicles exiting to the west and vehicles going east to enter the gas station via the turn lane.  There is another access to the gas station on Old Frontier Road.

“The county should put some barriers on the south side of the left turn lane on Anderson Hill Road to prevent any further attempt by vehicles crossing the north lane and the left turn lane to reach the south lane to go east on Anderson Hill Road.

“I truly believe this arrangement is very dangerous and the county needs to investigate this situation especially due to the significant increase in vehicles going east and west on Anderson Hill Road,” Bob said.

I asked if he is aware of other close calls at the intersection, and he said he isn’t.

The out basket: I told Bob I seriously doubted that the county would do what he suggests, and am not surprised by their answer.

“Access management is something always considered with new developments.,” County Traffic Engineer Jeff Shea said.  “We try to avoid primary approaches to businesses, residents and other driveways in close proximity to intersections.

“In some cases because of the size of the lot, topography, and other considerations, we cannot keep driveways out of the intersection’s functional area – in this case the left turn lane. “While there have been many near misses at this location, a review of the collision history here shows only two collisions in the last five years, neither of which is attributed to the type of collision your reader anticipates.

“Placing a barrier to restrict movements into the business forces patrons to either approach the business from a different direction, creating a long circuitous route, or turning around at a place beyond the business, not a safe movement itself.

“Of course businesses don’t always welcome traffic restrictions that limit the ability of their customers to access their business. We try to balance all these concerns when considering traffic restrictions. We continue to monitor this location for accident trends.”


One thought on “Close call on Anderson Hill Road generates request for a barrier

  1. If blocking Anderson Road left turn is his request the the same should be done for Old Frontier? Makes it even sound sillier! There is no doubt that people ‘gun it’ to make a left across traffic lanes, but a bigger problem are people coming down Anderson faster than the posted speed!

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