Beach Drive overflow could create skids on ice

The in basket: Don Bidwell has been after me for many months to address a water-over-the-roadway situation on Beach Drive about mid-way between Retsil and Waterman in South Kitsap, and this week Olger Ingulsrud added his voice to the subject.

“I travel on Beach Drive in Port Orchard every day,” Olger said, “and since the rains have started, there is a spot a half-mile west of  the intersection of Beach Drive and Hillcrest that has lots of water running across the  road. There are signs installed, saying water on roadway.

“My concern is that there is a potential safety hazard of an accident happening when the water turns into ice,” he said. “My question is, does the road department have plans to install a culvert, and, if so, when will this happen ?

Don couched his concern in terms of the road icing up on freezing mornings, too. “The county came this summer with a big crew and dug a big hole on each side of the culvert,” Don said in October.  “But they did not clear the creek bed upstream. It still wanders around (a neighboring) property under a travel trailer because the channel is completely filled.

“It will be interesting to see if the creek with a good flow will make it into the culvert,” he said. “I kind of doubt it.”

On Nov. 27, he sent the picture you can see by clicking on Read the rest of this entry, below.

The out basket: Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works, says, “Crews were out working in that area (the week of Dec. 6). Because of upstream and downstream problems – sediment – we are limited in what we can do. Last summer we cleaned our portion (the part that is in right of way) and thought it would be good for some time but during the first real storm of the season sediment from up-stream caused the culvert to back up.

“This is a fish-bearing stream and we need permits from the state before we can work in that area and the permits limits what we can do. We were granted an emergency permit to do the work (in December), but a bigger project would have to go through the formal permit process. We are looking at long-term solutions for that area. We are aware of the problems there and monitor it on a regular basis.”


4 thoughts on “Beach Drive overflow could create skids on ice

  1. I’ve seen water on the road there for the last few years. Even when the rest of the road is dry there always seems to be a rivulet crossing there. And when we get these strong road storms there can be a significant amount of water.

  2. Looks like an ice rink in the making (when the weather cools to below freezing). Should make for another story in the Sun, when the inevitible accidents happen there. Who’ll be liable?

  3. 3-5 inches of water on the road at times seems excessive to me. I’ve driven through it and can attest to the wave of water that comes up from vehicles tires as they go through it Also the amount of water on the windshield could cause temporary lack of clear vision. Not to mention what it may be like when it freezes. I would guess that the county would bear some responsibility for any problems this may cause. Motor safely…

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