11th Street lane at Warren barricaded by cones

The in basket: The recent story in this newspaper about the inconveniences being visited on a lot of Bremerton traffic by the street projects at three intersections on Warren Avenue didn’t mention my most recent curiosity.

Why, I asked city street engineer Gunnar Fridriksson, has the innermost turn lane on 11th Street for turning to go north on Warren been blocked off by cones? I couldn’t see any work at the intersection that benefited from the closure. It left only one turn lane to serve a lot of traffic.

And, I asked, will it be that way until the expanded intersection, which will be a major improvement, is completed in March?

The out basket: No, Gunnar replied. it will end when work on Warren no longer requires intermittent closure of one of its two lanes at 13th Street, which is being readied for a traffic signal. “This way everyone is already into one lane coming onto Warren Avenue,” he said, and don’t have to merge on Warren.

I watched the single lane back up briefly into the 11th and Warren intersection when it hit the lane closure on Warren Thursday afternoon, so it probably would happen at every light change if both lanes of 11th were feeding onto Warren.

The cones are removed when no work is going on, Gunnar said.

One thought on “11th Street lane at Warren barricaded by cones

  1. Will the new traffic light at 13th be tied in to the “synchronized” controller for the other Warren Avenue lights, or will it operate whenever someone wants to cross the street or leave/enter the O.C. parking lot?

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