Why are Gorst, NK construction zone signs still up?

The in basket: Jack Carson wrote me on Oct. 21 to say, “Signage was posted this summer along north-bound Highway 3 near State Route 308 for paving operations on Highway 3.  The signs indicating road work and ramp closures, completed in early August, are still in place along the north-bound exit and on-ramp to/from SR 308, and signs a mile north indicate the end of the road work zone.

“Who is responsible for removing this signage litter – the state, the county, or the contractor; and why haven’t the signs been removed? ”

I don’t know if those North Kitsap signs still are there now, a month later, but the ones around Gorst, which was part of the same paving project, still are. I asked the state, which contracted for the work, if there is something remaining to be done.

The out basket: Kelly Stowe of the state’s Olympic Region, says, “There are still a couple nights of permanent signing work to be done next week (it would have been done this week but the weather was too bad).

“After that, all the work zone signs will be removed.  I would expect that they will be removed sometime next week.  We did not forget them!” she said.

2 thoughts on “Why are Gorst, NK construction zone signs still up?

  1. I have noticed the same thing, and the only thing that I can think of is the State Patrol is trying to use this area for an Illegal Double the fines in a construction zones to generate revenue. The same problem occurred a few years ago once the road Construction at the 3/303 intersection until I sent a message to the Washington State Department of Transportation and Complained about the sign and sign placement. As it turns out the State Patrol was using the area to Double Traffic Fines.

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