What does Warren Avenue barrier mean to parade route?

The in basket: Among the questions and comments generated by the center median the city of Bremerton had installed on Warren Avenue, consuming one northbound lane between Burwell and Sixth streets and blocking cross-traffic at Fourth and Fifth street, is a simple question from James Hochstein: “How will the Armed Forces day parade be accommodated?”

The out basket: I’m guessing the former parade route must have crossed Warren on either Fourth or Fifth.

Gunna Fridriksson of the city street engineers says, “We did discuss this with the Armed Forces parade committee last winter.  At the time they were pretty busy with the 2012 parade and deferred discussion, but we did discuss some of the other staging options, such as Park Avenue.

“My expectation is that right after the New Year, we will get together and work it out,” Gunnar said.

3 thoughts on “What does Warren Avenue barrier mean to parade route?

  1. If the barriers are not removable the parade will not be able to use its traditional route or coming down fourth street to pacific then turning left on pacific to sixth then left on sixth to park.

  2. I drove by this a couple of days ago and they didn’t plan the it out very well. If the City needed to repair of any services under the road this would require taring up the Barrier to get down to the problem and completely replacing the Barrier when they are done. The best way to have a Barrier is to have one that can be removed and restored when needed. This way the parade can go down the original route instead of taking a different route which requires more streets being closed. If the City needed to reroute traffic down 4th or 5th across Warren Ave a Different easier to remove barrier would be useful. Placing a non removable barrier at these points was a complete waste of money.

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