Naval & 11th work all part of the plan

The in basket: Gary Reed asked on the Road Warrior blog at, “What is happening at 11th and Naval (in Bremerton)? Shortly after the sewer work was paved over there seemed to be an odor in the area. Now I’m wondering if there was a leak in the pipework since it appears the area is being dug up.

“If there was a leak and it is being redone, who pays for that rework? I would hope we taxpayers are not footing the bill for repairing the poor workmanship.”

The out basket: No poor workmanship involved, says Gunnar Fridriksson of the city street engineers, just a logistical decision to get 11th Street open to traffic as soon as possible..

“It was not the finish paving,” he said. “Sequencing the work for construction of the new main, keeping the existing main in service, and re-opening 11th to traffic as soon as possible required the contractor to re-open the intersection to make final connections.

“While new main was laid from Naval to Montgomery on 11th Street, a section of the line in Naval Avenue from 11th to 13th was reused by placing a cure-in-place pipe liner into it.  I believe this is the source of the odor your reader mentioned.

“The liner is saturated with an epoxy and pulled into place in the old main.  There it is filled with hot water to expand it and cause it to adhere to the existing pipe.  During this process, the new liner will emit a fiberglass-resin type of odor which is a bit stinky, but not dangerous.”


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