Traffic changes at end of Manette bridge still not likely

The in basket: Ralph Gribben of East Bremerton says he’d like to see the stop signs removed at a couple of places at the east end of the new Manette Bridge, on Harkins at Pitt and on Pitt at East 11th, and a yield sign at Pitt and East 11th. It would smooth the flow of traffic going to and from the bridge, he felt.

He’s not the only one to suggest that, but in the past, city officials have said they want to see how traffic flows evolve with the opening of the new bridge before making any changes.

The out basket: They still are reluctant to make the changes suggested. Gunnar Fridriksson of the city street engineers said, “We do not wish to make changes without

looking towards an overall traffic circulation study for Manette.

“Forthe citizens complaining about the stop signs, we have others that

appreciate them being there to slow vehicles down.  A common complaint

prior to the new traffic configuration was speeding on East. 11th from

motorists coming off of the old bridge.

“A line item is included in the

city budget for the study, but funding has not yet been identified,” he said.

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