Yield signs on transit buses aren’t kidding

The in basket: As I noticed a flashing Yield sign on the back of a Kitsap Transit bus, it occurred to me that the requirement that drivers yield to buses pulling into traffic after discharging or picking up passengers would probably come as a surprise to most drivers.

The Yield signs on buses until now have not be lighted and most still aren’t.

I asked State Trooper Russ Winger if a person could actually be cited for failing to yield to a bus when no collision resulted from the action.

The out basket: Yes, Russ replied, “as with any moving infraction that can be issued for an actual collision, ‘almost’ causing a collision or causing another vehicle that has the right of way to take evasive action to avoid that collision is grounds for issuing a citation.”

One thought on “Yield signs on transit buses aren’t kidding

  1. I’ve seen busses turn on their signal and pull out from the curb (on the rare instances they bother to pull over) and into traffic causing oncoming driovers to stop. I consider this to be very rude and poor driving, signal or not.

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