Avoiding holiday night waits at Tacoma Narrows toll booths

The in basket: I ran info old friend Don Bader at the hardware store a while ago and he wanted me to know about getting charged an extra 25 cents to go through the toll booth at the Tacoma Narrows when he was traveling with a group of antique car owners and joined them in paying their toll that way, rather than getting separated.
I was happy to have an explanation for him on the spot, recalling what I’d been told (twice) by the toll office, that the state didn’t pay to put transponder readers in the toll plaza when they got a different kind of transponder, since so few vehicles with transponders choose to use the toll booths. What he paid was the toll for having his license read, which is 25 cents more if you have a Good to Go! account.
I passed along Good to Go! staffer Annie Johnson’s advice the last time a reader brought this up, that temporarily adding the license numbers of his traveling companions to his Good to Go! account will allow them to avoid having to stop at the toll booths and then rejoin Don and others with transponders beyond the booth.
Gee, said Don, maybe he’ll add the license numbers of his daughters (one of whom I coached as a 6-year-old soccer player years ago) to his account so they won’t have to suffer the lengthy wait to pay their toll at the booths on Thanksgiving and other holidays when hundreds of drivers without transponders try to get home late in the day.
I asked Annie if that’s a good idea, what with holiday season looming.
The out basket: It’s one way to save the long wait, she replied.
“A Good To Go! account holder can have up to six vehicles
(any combination of Pay By Plate and passes) on their account at one time.
“Customers can add or subtract license
plates to their account either online, by phone (866-936-8246) or in-person at a Customer Service Center.  They can cross the bridge any time after adding the plate to (the) account. There is no need to wait.”
Even if Don forgets, a driver without a transponder or plate in the Good to Go! date base can avoid the delay, via “the Pay By Mail option where the
registered owner receives a bill in the mail if they don’t want to stop
at the toll booths,” Annie said. But it’s $6, not the $4.25 had the plate been added to an account.
That would be an attractive option with anyone you suspect might charge a bunch of crossings to your account without your permission before you remember to delete them from your account.

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