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No footwear requirements in state driving laws

October 4th, 2012 by travis baker

The in basket: Cheryl Steele of Kingston said she was driving with open-toed shoes the other day when her father spotted her. He told her it was illegal and she could be ticketed for it.

She wondered if he was correct.

The out basket: No, there is no law in this state requiring that a driver be wearing shoes, or what kind.

Many safety experts say it’s not a good idea to drive barefoot or in flip flops, as one’s tender feet might interfere with stopping in a hurry, but you’re free to do it if you wish.

It might be different in other states though a Web site for something called MoveFree Shoes says it isn’t. “In Ohio it is specifically noted that it is ‘not recommended’,” the site addss, “however there is no legal ramification associated with the recommendation. Therefore it is not illegal to drive your car barefoot in the United States.”


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