Service club recognition to return to Bremerton entrances

The in basket: Two years ago, Hank Mann-Sykes, the Silverdale legend who has since passed away, asked me and Mayor Patty Lent of Bremerton why there no longer were clusters of service club signs posted at the entrances to Lent’s city.

I never got him an answer, though he also e-mailed Patty so may have gotten one from the horse’s mouth.

When I ran into Patty at the recent Manette Edible Gardens Tour, I brought up Hank’s question, and she arranged for me to get an answer.

The out basket: It comes from her and her parks director Wyn Birkenthal, who she has directed to come up with a way to restore recognition of the service clubs and their meeting times and places to the city limits.

Wyn is doubly invested in this, by the order from his boss and by inquiries from his fellow Bremerton Central Lions, who let him know they’d “really like to see them restored.

“Patty brought it up in a department head meeting and most of us were quick to realize the clubs do a public service, and it would be a good thing to have,” Wyn said.

Patty said the old signs went away as part of her predecessor Cary Bozeman’s program to standardize the city’s non-traffic signs in a bold blue color.

Wyn is working on selecting a design to present to the mayor and city council and proposing sites that are “appropriate and visible and not next to an array of other signs so that they would be lost.”

He also will be seeking financial support from the service clubs to help with the installation and maintenance of whatever gets approved.

“The way budgets are we need participation from the service clubs in order to pull something off,” he said.

He doesn’t haves a deadline to get it done, he said.

As for Bozeman’s sign legacy, I’ve been trying to get an explanation for a peculiarity of them. Signs on Park Avenue at Sixth Street route drivers looking for the Manette Bridge north on Park to 11th Street and then right on 11th.

That’s not the way I’d go. I’d turn right on Sixth. Perhaps one of you readers know and can tell us why the longer 11th Street route would be preferred by anyone.



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