Long wait at Kitsap Way signal corrected


The in basket: Nancy Danaher wrote Aug. 21 to say, “Sunday morning shortly before 8 a.m.  my husband and I were at the corner of Kitsap Way, the west end, and the interchange of Highway 3. We were headed towards Bremerton.

“The traffic light was red. There was only ONE other car behind us.  No other cars were situated at any of the lights and yet we waited and waited  for a green light.

“What gives that these lights can’t be triggered by the traffic on hand?  I did not run the red light,but I did make a safe decision to get through this interchange. When I was safely back on Kitsap Way and looked in the rear view mirror, the singular other car was still at the red light.

“Any other complaints about this particular light?”

The out basket: No other complaints to me, although my wife and I sat at the end of the southbound off-ramp for quite a while one night several weeks ago, waiting for a green light.

There was a problem with the signal, says Jeff Collins, electrical technician in the city of Bremerton signal shop. It was programmed in such a way that it always thought a pedestrian had pushed the button to activate the walk light to cross Kitsap Way. Being a wide street, that provided a lot of time for the phantom pedestrian, and a long wait for any conflicting auto traffic.

He has removed that condition from the signal’s program so what happened to Nancy and her husband won’t occur, he said.

Nancy’s complaint is what called it to his attention, he said.

5 thoughts on “Long wait at Kitsap Way signal corrected

  1. There are a lot more intersections in this County that have this problem. It seems like the signals have been programmed by a 5 year old. I don’t know how many times i’ve sat at lights for minutes with no other cars in sight. It’s ridiculous sometimes.

  2. I would like to take a moment to remind people to come to a complete stop and stay stopped at all corners and not to turn right at a red light. At all. If we all band together in this we can put the traffic camera creeps out-of-business.

  3. I’ve always found the city engineering department to be quite responsive, when informed of extended wait times, or faulty light cycles. My experience, when I have called the department to report something, is a return phone call by the end of the day detailing what they found and what they have done or need to do to resolve the issue.

    Call ’em. Tell ’em what, when, where. Be precise. If things aren’t working properly, it’s not good for the city either. They can’t however sit at every intersection checking for malfunction every day.

    Call ’em!

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