Jarring drop at shopping center could be serious

The in basket: I talked with Bob Baxter at a class reunion and he asked me about something I’d noticed but hadn’t bothered to inquire about.

There is in the deceleration lane for turning right into South Park Village in South Kitsap a utility box that has dropped a couple inches below the asphalt level, creating a pretty good jolt when one’s wheel hits it.

I was most curious about whether it was a new problem, as I’d made that right turn into that shopping center dozens of times over the years, but only began hitting it this summer. I must have hit it three times before learning to avoid it.

It seemed too inconsequential to bother asking the county about, but Bob pointed out it could be “a very dangerous situation if a motorcycle or bicycle came in contact with it.”

So I asked.

The out basket: Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works says they were unaware of it until I passed along Bob”s inquiry. It’s part of the controls for the traffic signal there, he said. and they will get it raised soon. He didn’t say and probably doesn’t know if the subsidence was recent.

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