Glenwood Road block wall could be made safer, says reader

The in basket: Howard Highland of South Kitsap writes, “I live near the end of Glenwood Road (where) there is a big block wall and a stop sign.  So far, we have lost two young boys on this wall.

“The county has done nothing so slow the impact of the cars hitting this wall,” he said. “It seems to me barrels filled with water could help to save a life.

“I would love to see something done to stop the impact and save a few  young boys,” he concluded.

I asked Kitsap County Public Works  if they are aware of the deaths and about the practicality of Mr. Highland’s suggestion.

The out basket:  Jeff Shea, county traffic engineer, says, “We are aware of the fatalities at this location. During the last five years, the only collision at that location is that fatality collision.

“Safety improvements are expensive, and we use the limited funds available in areas where there is a history of collisions, and where improvements reduce the frequency of collisions. The severity of this single accident, while tragic, was not a result of safety concerns at this location.

“We continue to review collision histories to ensure safety improvements are made in areas that need them most,” Jeff said.


3 thoughts on “Glenwood Road block wall could be made safer, says reader

  1. Back in the day, there was a awesome corner there. Even a ambulance crashed with a passenger in back. I say let’s hang out all night and find the tagger “DFS” and pepper spray him.

  2. Once years ago, it used to be a awesome corner to haul butt on. I say the biggest problem is the tagger “DFS”. I’m thinking about hiding and pepper spraying him one of these nights.

  3. Safety improvements for the Glenwood block wall?? Only if Mr Highland pays for it. Those collisions were caused by excessive speed not because the wall reached into the road towards the driver’s.

    I drive that same road at least twice a day and see driver’s screaming to the stop sign and those coming from the other road speeding as well. I admit it is a dangerous intersection but it is not the block wall causing the danger it is drivers who fail to abide by the rules of the road who cause the danger.

    Yes, institute a safety program but water barrels in front of the block wall is not the answer. Educating drivers on how to properly drive on the road is.

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