Why is outside lane on Warren at 11th blocked?

The in basket: Ken Attebery asks “Why does the southbound right turn lane from Warren to 11th (in Bremerton) remain blocked off?  There does not seem to be a current condition that warrants this.

“If the once planned expansion of the intersection (now called off or postponed, I assume) were under construction,” Ken said, “I could see this lane being coned off but……”

Chris Murphy also asked me what happened to the Warren Avenue upgrade from 11th to 13th. ” We really do need that turn fixed,” Chris said..

The out basket: It’s simply to reinforce the fact that 11th Street is closed several blocks ahead for sewer work, to minimize the number of drivers who unexpectedly run into the barricade, says Gunnar Fridriksson of the city of Bremerton street engineers.

It’s still possible to turn right from the second lane from the curb, as well as usng it to go straight.

“Our current contractor schedule has the (11th Street) closure

ending August 20th, so just a few more weeks now,” he added.

He also said the city still intends to lengthen the southbound right turn lane, the southbound left turn lane, add a traffic signal on Warren at 13th Street at Olympic College’s expense and replace the signals at 11th and Warren this year, but not until 11th Street reopens.

It originally was scheduled for last year, but they decided to wait because the Manette Bridge was to be under construction and then closed for a time and Warren was the only detour. Big opening on the work on Warren will be Aug. 7.

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