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3 thoughts on “New Silverdale eateries create pedestrian worries

  1. People who are parking across the road are also parking on private property and risk having their vehicles towed. Community planners should not go around building public works that encourage trespassing.

    The fact is, if a restaurant’s parking lot is full, you probably are going to have a tough time finding a seat and getting served. You would be better off going to a different restaurant instead endangering yourself and your kids by jaywalking.

    All of that said, the restaurants are located near very busy intersections. Traffic is generally pretty slow. Pedestrians are far more likely to cause a rear-ender or gridlock at the intersection than to get hurt themselves.

  2. This is not a new problem. There are many restaurants in Kitsap County with this problem on peak days. The place in question, Hop Jacks, is in between the crosswalk at the intersection of Silverdale Way/Bucklin Hill and the crosswalk at the entrance to the mini-mall with Staples, etc.

    Yes, there is a way to walk, but not that far to be more than a burden than jaywalking in traffic near an exit lane into traffic from the waterfront from Old Town or the jam-up for the left turn down Bucklin Hill to Old Town and the twin turn lanes from Bucklin Hill onto Southbound Silverdale Way.

    I am sure the traffic engineers will see there is no logical modification to this scenario, and it is no worse than the traffic/parking problem on Kitsap Way at Tony’s Italian Restaurant. Fortunately, there is now a new light and crosswalk to Tony’s thanks to the addition of the Winco store.

    The bottom line is this: If you have to park far away from where you want to get to, you will be required to obey the existing pedestrian laws to get there. The same applies to bicycles and cars. Tough if it might be inconvenient.

    What is more inconvenient than being a couple minutes or a few hundred feet out of your way is being run down and killed. I would put that in the major inconvenience category. But, that’s just me…

  3. In a related matter, is it legal/safe for Chung’s Teriyaki to block off a portion of the drives around these restaurants with huge concrete blocks? This is part of an ongoing peeing contest about who is allowed to park where. Blocking a driveway with huge blocks seems a bit of an overreaction.

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