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Kitsap County lets you nominate road projects

The in basket: Perhaps you’ve seen publicity about the invitation from Kitsap County Public Works to propose road projects the county should undertake in the upcoming years.

Each December the county adopts a plan that shows what it hopes to accomplish in the way of roadwork in the coming six years.

Citizens can nominate projects until May 25 online at It calls up a form to fill out.

The out basket: The county news release extending the invitation says projects will be evaluated on “safety and/or capacity needs, structural condition, environmental retrofits, and non-motorized needs.”

The environmental retrofits portion of that has been a growing category in recent years, as a glance at the 2012-2017 plan passed last winter at suggests.

Increasingly, culvert projects have been getting high priorities,with the current plan showing culvert replacements at Miami Beach Road, South Kingston Road, Eastview Drive, Hite Center Drive and Wildcat Lake Road listed among the top dozen priority spots, with getting Hunter Road a new bridge where a culvert was washed out in a rainstorm is in 13th position.

Avoiding emergency response to a washed-out culvert that closed a road by taking out an old questionable one no doubt plays some role in the burgeoning number of culvert jobs, but it’s more likely that salmon enhancement is the driving force.

If you’re inclined to propose a project, make sure it’s not in one of the cities or on a state highway. Those jurisdictions have their own ways of hearing about possible projects but they aren’t as streamlined. It’s only been the last couple of years Kitsap County has extended its invitation formally.

Going back through some of the past year’s Road Warriors I would say that expanding use of the yellow flashing left turn signals that for now are common only in Silverdale and South Kitsap would be a popular proposal for the next six years. So would adding a right turn lane on Ridgetop Boulevard at Silverdale Way, which the county said would have to find its way onto the road plan before it might get done, after a reader suggested it last year.

Mismatched downtown Bremerton sidewalk raises a question

The in basket: Mike Burton writes, “The city of Bremerton has put a lot of effort and expense into making the roads and sidewalks in the downtown area and, specifically, Pacific Avenue look very nice, and they plan to continue that north of Sixth Street on Pacific.

“As they were doing all of this,” Mike said, “the city purposely worked around a section of the sidewalk between Second Street and Burwell Avenue on the east side of Pacific. That section looks awful compared to everything else the city has done.

“Is there an explanation? Are there any plans to ‘fix’ that so that it conforms with all of the surrounding sidewalks?”

“Mostly the problem is aesthetic,” he conceded, ” but it is a bit uneven, especially where the patches and the ‘tar’ that they use for sealing meet, compared to the rest of the sidewalk around it. It just looks ridiculous, considering the city’s efforts to make all this look so nice!”

The out basket: Gunnar Fridriksson of the city engineering staff says, “That ‘sidewalk’ is actually the top for a very large vault that houses the electrical servicing the Harborside Commons garage (the old JC Penney building).

“WIth the tunnel project, we did look at trying to either have it replaced or resurfaced to make it more presentable.  Unfortunately, due to the way it was constructed, we were unable to find an economical way of doing so that met with the state’s schedule for the completion of the improvements.

“Depending on what happens with the building, there may be an opportunity in the future for improvement. ”


Gorst has only traffic camera between Purdy and Poulsbo

The in basket: Glenn Shock of Lakeland Village in Allyn asks in an e-mail, “Are there any (state) road cameras in Kitsap County? We live at the highest point in Lakeland Village and get more snow, more often than most other areas.

“We have commitments in Bremerton and Silverdale and always wonder what the road conditions are between here and there.

“Are there cameras on highways 16 and 3 in Kitsap County?”

The out basket: Just one that will be of help checking on the route to Bremerton and Silverdale. It’s in Gorst at Sam Christopherson Road and Highway 3. It was installed during replacement of the east half of the Hood Canal Bridge when traffic was detoured through Gorst up the west side of Hood Canal.

Several others are on Highway 16 from Purdy south, installed during construction of the second Tacoma Narrows Bridge in connection with ramp metering stop lights and on Highway 3 north of Poulsbo, installed to help drivers anticipate closures of the Hood Canal Bridge to vehicle traffic.

Kelly Stowe of the state Department f Transportation says those from Purdy south are viewable at Those from Poulsbo north and the one in Gorst can be seen at It has one  between Brinnon and Quilcene on the west side of the canal, too.