State records don’t confirm hazard at 303 and John Carlson Road

The in basket: Virginia Pace says she is concerned about “the increasing number of accidents. some with serious injuries, that take place at the corners of John Carlson/Fairgrounds roads and Highway 303.

“John Carlson has become a very busy and fast street,” she said. “Drivers exiting John Carlson on right turns have a large fast intersection to scope out before their turns. A pedestrian gets lost in that scope.

“I counted seven lanes on the north side of 303.  Pedestrians are taking chances in crossing that wide busy intersection. I live near (there), hear the sirens, see the skid marks, see the traffic being routed around the accidents, the broken glass, and motor liquids left on the highway.

“Can this dangerous intersection be evaluated for safety for pedestrians?” she asked. “I am suggesting blinking caution lights on the dividers between north and south lanes. The blinkers would alert drivers and pedestrians to be visually careful. And, without a doubt, there are more pedestrians and bicyclists using all intersections. I see more and more pedestrians walking up and down John Carlson.”

The out basket: State records don’t confirm what Virginia says she witnesses from her home.

Lisa Copeland of the Olympic Region of state highways, says, “In the last five years there have been no pedestrian collisions and two bike collisions at, or near the intersection.

“The first bike accident occurred at a driveway within a 100 feet of the intersection as a car emerging from a driveway hit a bike traveling on the shoulder. The bicyclist hurt his knee.

“The second occurred when a bike crossed against the signal and was struck. The bicyclist was considered at fault in the collision.”

It doesn’t sound like John Carlson/Fairgrounds and 303 stands much chance of being singled out for special pedestrian safety work.

2 thoughts on “State records don’t confirm hazard at 303 and John Carlson Road

  1. John Carlson and Hwy 303 has ALWAYS been a busy/fast intersection. Until fairly recently the speed limit on Hwy 303 was 50 starting at Fred Meyer. Now it’s 40 until you pass John Carlson. Very few people have slowed to 40 MPH. The fact remains it’s a highway and people need to take responsibility for their own safety. As far as pedestrians, parents who allow YOUNG children to cross that road alone are not being responsible. I worked at AM/PM for a while and actually walked a FOUR year old back across the highway and watched him go home to the Condos by KinderCare. If you pay attention to the rules of the road you don’t need government to intervene in everything you do.

  2. My son 15 years old was hit by a car Oct 2011 at that intersection coming home from a friends house. The other day I watched a young man cross that street he almost got hit, fortunately the driver noticed him, however he continued to make the right hand turn in front of the young man.

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