Gorst has only traffic camera between Purdy and Poulsbo

The in basket: Glenn Shock of Lakeland Village in Allyn asks in an e-mail, “Are there any (state) road cameras in Kitsap County? We live at the highest point in Lakeland Village and get more snow, more often than most other areas.

“We have commitments in Bremerton and Silverdale and always wonder what the road conditions are between here and there.

“Are there cameras on highways 16 and 3 in Kitsap County?”

The out basket: Just one that will be of help checking on the route to Bremerton and Silverdale. It’s in Gorst at Sam Christopherson Road and Highway 3. It was installed during replacement of the east half of the Hood Canal Bridge when traffic was detoured through Gorst up the west side of Hood Canal.

Several others are on Highway 16 from Purdy south, installed during construction of the second Tacoma Narrows Bridge in connection with ramp metering stop lights and on Highway 3 north of Poulsbo, installed to help drivers anticipate closures of the Hood Canal Bridge to vehicle traffic.

Kelly Stowe of the state Department f Transportation says those from Purdy south are viewable at www.wsdot.com/traffic/tacoma/default.aspx. Those from Poulsbo north and the one in Gorst can be seen at www.wsdot.com/traffic/hoodcanal/default.aspx?cam=9191. It has one  between Brinnon and Quilcene on the west side of the canal, too.


2 thoughts on “Gorst has only traffic camera between Purdy and Poulsbo

  1. A Florida judge has recently ruled that the use of traffic cameras ”impermissibly shifts the burden of proof to the Defendant, does not afford due process, and is unconstitutional to the extent due process is not provided.” IMHO, traffic cameras are at best unfair, especially if you get nabbed due to a faulty setup or there are extenuating circumstances. But until this unjust practice is permanently abolished you can still avoid getting a ticket with this cool trick that makes your license plate Invisible to red light and speed cameras. As an added bonus, the cops really hate it (..which makes it even better!) Check it out Here

  2. The cameras discussed in this column show road conditions and congestion and are not used in speed enforcement.

    Road Warrior

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