Is that a roundabout going in at 4th and Park?

The in basket: I was heading east on Fourth Street approaching Warren Avenue in Bremerton when looking ahead I noticed that the upcoming intersection at Park Avenue, where the new theaters are being built, had a lot of work going on.

I drove down there and found what looked like a new roundabout under construction. There was a roundabout-style sign posted in the intersection, directing drivers around the center of the intersection.

I’m a big fan of roundabouts but I know not everyone is. It seemed like this one has been flying under the radar.

The out basket: It may look like one now, but it won’t be a roundabout when completed, says Brian Fyall, a consultant with the city on the development in that area. It will be a flat granite feature depicting an anchor and four points of the compass. Traffic will pass over it in a traditional intersection alignment.

“The roundabout style sign is a temporary measure,” he said. “The contractor needs to pour a a concrete subbase for the granite accent,” so the middle of the intersection is off-limits for now.

One thought on “Is that a roundabout going in at 4th and Park?

  1. I went by the site this morning, and it appears there is going to be some rather large bump outs, which will be yet another choke point. I can’t understand why the mayor insists on restricting traffic flow in Bremerton, and only wanting “modern” vehicles. Not everyone one is as affluent as she, and we must continue to use our current vehicles, not buy new “modern” ones just to go to Bremerton.
    I can only imagine the traffic snarls that will occur at that corner when the theater patrons attempt to leave the garage (which empties at the stop sign), with the few vehicles that still try to use Park Avenue after exiting the ferry tunnel. Maybe that’s the plan – keep vehicles out of the “core area.”
    I have a hard time believing Bremerton is in financial straits after watching the construction in that area. Must be costing millions to keep vehicles out of Bremerton. I wonder if they will lay down more pervious pavement that comes apart after a couple years? At least Pacific and 4th will have the same poorly applied appearance.

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