Silverdale off-ramp signal finally on its way

The in basket: There it was, quietly tucked within the story about plans for the planned Bucklin Hill Road bridge in the March 22 issue of the Kitsap Sun.

“A traffic signal to be installed next year at the closest offramp on Waaga Way should increase traffic flows for vehicles taking Waaga Way as a detour around the construction site,” it said.


Could it be, I wondered, will the state finally install a signal at the southbound off-ramp of Waaga Way, a.k.a. Highway 303, at Ridgetop Boulevard?

Reader requests for such a signal have really been too numerous to mention over the years, but the most I’d been able to learn is the county and state were talking about it.  Left turns onto Ridgetop are notoriously hard to make at busy times due to the heavy traffic.

I asked if the signal was finally on its way.


The out basket: Tina Nelson, senior program manager for the county, says yes, that is the plan, and the county has taken over management of the signal project. It’s included in the county’s six-year road plan, known as the TIP.

I can’t feel too bad about not spotting it, as it’s listed on the plan as simply “intersection improvements.”

Tina goes on to say, “A recent decision/agreement was made where the county will manage the project. Funding will come from the state Department of Transportation ($140,000), Harrison Hospital ($225,000), and the county road fund (the balance, which is currently estimated at $160,000).

“The TIP shows the project as being constructed in 2014, but we are going to try and get it constructed in 2013, before the Bucklin Hill bridge,”  she said.

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