Silverdale roundabout project worries Realtor

The in basket: Real estate agent Karen Ebersole saw the schematic for the upcoming Silverdale/Chico/Newberry roundabout in Silverdale in a recent Road Warrior column and said she had been meaning to ask “what their plans are for routing traffic during the seven-month construction project. The only other way into Silverdale is the northern route at the mall exit,” she said. “I can see this as being a real nightmare for everyone, especially those living along Chico Way.

“As a real estate professional, this traffic construction/routing will also significantly impact the way I conduct business.”

The out basket: Tina Nelson, senior program manager in Kitsap County Public Works, says, “It’s planned that the road will remain open during construction, though some closure of access to and from Chico Way will be permitted.

“There is a proposed phasing plan in the contract. How traffic is routed is ultimately determined by the contractor. A public meeting is planned prior to the start of construction. Information regarding that meeting will be published when it is available.

“Representatives from the county and the contractor will be on hand to detail what to expect during construction, and answer questions from area residents,” she said. “Details about the project are available online, the project website.

One thought on “Silverdale roundabout project worries Realtor

  1. I was stoppped at the LH turn light going to the highway the other day and traffic was backed up in BOTH directions…. Looking where they want to put the roundabout is funny. I for see that all that is going to be accomplished is that the round about is going to be backed up just as bad as it is now. Mainly it has to do with people turning left heading North and waiting for the line of traffic occurs and they fact that the lights at either end dont seem to work well with each other. I think they should block that light off from left hand turns period and make it one way… down similar to the hill there at Burwell and Wycoff.

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