Covered ‘Detour’ signs on Walker Road and others

The in basket: Kathleen Pulici asks in an e-mail, “What is the reason for the covered-up detour signs on NW Walker Road (in Central Kitsap near) the intersection of Old Military Road where it turns into Madison Road.

“There are also covered up detour signs on both Old Military and Madison Roads,” she said.

The out basket: As with all the orange signs put up and covered with plywood in Bremerton to prepare for the Manette Bridge construction, the CK signs are harbingers of coming roadwork, though on a smaller scale.

The work actually will be on Paulson Road at Royal Creek, where work on sewer and water mains is scheduled and will close Paulson from Jan. 9 to Feb. 3. Walker, Madison and the short stretch of Old Military will be designated detour.

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