Rough paving job on Stottlemeyer explained

The in basket: Betty Ann Sallis e-mails to say, “Late this fall, Stottlemeyer Road was excavated in numerous areas between Lincoln and Gunderson. It was subsequently patched.

“The road is now very uneven with big areas of patching in each lane on both sides. These patches are very uneven and make driving difficult and bumpy.

“The road was actually in pretty good shape before with the exception of a few potholes,” she said. “It now needs a total topcoat but this was only done in two areas – one being the section where it tees at Lincoln.

“Why did they do this? Is there a plan to topcoat the entire road?”

The in basket: Yes, there is, says Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works. What one sees there now “was a pre-level for paving,” he said. “We had planned to pave the road in October, but were unable to get asphalt from our supplier. We were able to get a couple of loads in November that allowed us to pave the tapers off each end. It is planned for one of our first projects during the paving season next year.”

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