Longer one-way stretch on Pacific Avenue proposed

The in basket: Ian Logan suggests lengthening the one-way portion of Pacific Avenue in Bremerton.

“Change the 300 block of Pacific Avenue, one block north of Burwell, from two-way to one-way-only southbound,” he wrote. “Pacific Avenue is already one-way southbound immediately south of its intersection with Burwell as it approaches the ferry terminal and the southern portion of downtown.

“The 300-block of Pacific has very poor center-striping right now (faded and far too hard to see), and I have on more than one occasion seen southbound traffic in what is supposed to be the northbound lane immediately north of Burwell.

“This change would have no negative effect on downtown traffic and would provide a safer and more easily navigated approach to the ferry terminal,” Ian said.

The out basket: Gunnar Fridriksson of the city of Bremerton street engineers says he appreciates the input, adding, “There are times that a citizen looking at a situation provides a solution that we had not previously thought of.

“In this case,” Gunnar said, ” the city has looked at several scenarios for downtown, including making Washington Avenue and Pacific Avenue (one-way in opposite directions).  This dates back to the ’60’s or so when the city starting really running into parking and circulation problems.

“Businesses have typically not embraced one-way streets due to perceived problems with customers getting to the business.  Studies on one-way versus two-way streets have found both have their merits and problems, but it really boils down to a personal preference/bias.

“We do have a downtown circulation plan that has been indefinitely shelved for now, but I will include (Ian’s suggestion)  into the file for when we pick it back up,” he concluded..

2 thoughts on “Longer one-way stretch on Pacific Avenue proposed

  1. Since Burwell is a main artery into the downtown area, I do not see this as a feasible option. However, as pointed out, the markings on Pacific are deficient. I, too, have seen people pull into the northbound line to align themselves with the southbound lane next to the parking garage. A couple of strategically placed large arrows on the pavement should rectify that and be a much cheaper solution.

  2. The proposal makes excellent sense to me. I too have often seen drivers heading south in that northbound lane. They are no doubt confused by the signage, especially the sign about ferry dropoff and pickup which faces southbound traffic but hangs over the present northbound lane. Burwell, however major, is already one-way in the block just south of the block in question, so it’s really not a huge change – nowhere near as huge as the potential benefits to safety and traffic flow.

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