About new Y’s fuel efficient vehicle parking spaces

The in basket: Dan Barry of Silverdale writes, “I notice the new YMCA facility in Silverdale has a large number of parking spaces marked for ‘Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles.’  I am curious why spaces are reserved for this particular class of vehicles.

“I’m also curious how it can be enforced since I’m sure the owner’s manuals of virtually every vehicle manufactured in at least the last 20 years, have language identifying the vehicles as having low emissions and being fuel efficient.”

The out basket’ Geoff Ball, senior executive director says the limitation was made in conjunction with Kitsap County, which shares ownership of the parking area. It has what is called “LEEDSilver” certification, which Geoff says is a green building, environmentally friendly approach used in many parts of the new YMCA. Pervious concrete that absorbs rainfall rather than letting if run off is another part of that effort.

There are 20 of the low-emission spaces among the 405 in the lot, Geoff said. They are more conveniently located than many of the general use spaces but not as much so as the handicapped spaces, which also have no curbs.

As for enforcement, that’s a self-regulating. There doesn’t seem to be a legally accepted definition of a low emission fuel efficient vehicle, he said.

“I can’t find any miles per gallon or carbon emissions definitions,” he said. “If other readers are more successful, I’d love to see it. ”

They hope not to see old pickup trucks or large SUVs in those spaces, he said. “It’s nice to see a hybrid there. If driver feels their vehicle is efficient,” the spot can be used.




7 thoughts on “About new Y’s fuel efficient vehicle parking spaces

  1. “They hope not to see old pickup trucks or large SUVs in those spaces,…”

    Interesting. Then I wouldn’t be welcome in the old large SUV that we bought almost ten years ago – long before the Y became environmentally critical and built a ‘green’ building in Silverdale.
    We can’t afford to sell and buy a more ‘acceptable’ vehicle for the YMCA parking lot.

  2. It seems to me that those who are paying more in taxes through gas should get more consideration. The whole hybrid thing feels good, and it’s fun to show-off the ol’ Prius. However, I’m pretty sure that based on the amount of resources it takes to build a Hybrid LiIon battery you could disqualify it as “efficient”. Or how about those full electrics? In addition to the harmful LiIon batteries they pull their power primarily from coal based power plants, therefore they aren’t “fuel” efficient either. If the idea is to reward those who drive vehicles which are less reliant on petroleum based fuels, thus encouraging people to use less petrol, then why make the less petrol efficient vehicles drive farther to find a parking spot?

  3. I am a YMCA member and enjoy it very much, but having parking spots reserved for low-emitting vehicles in a HUGE new concrete parking lot is like putting a band-aid on your stump after you lose a leg. It’s a gesture in the right direction and nothing more.

  4. I can understand “Handicapped” close in spots for those physically challenged who would use the Y facilities exercising to become the best they can be but not the favored ‘acceptable’ vehicle spots. If the use of Y was free, that is different.

    Fact is we also own a Prius my husband drives – it is too difficult for me to get in and out of it so I don’t drive it or ride in it – I drive and ride in the SUV.

    Why is the Y discriminating against physically challenged who need to drive the SUV’s to get around? I can also haul two recumbent trikes inside the unwelcome SUV and can’t do that in a Y acceptable vehicle.

  5. “They hope not to see old pickup trucks or large SUVs in those spaces, he said. “It’s nice to see a hybrid there. If driver feels their vehicle is efficient,” the spot can be used.”

    I just spotted this. I consider our SUV incredibly efficient (for me) so I guess I’m welcome to use the space if needed or wanted. But not if I’m towed away.

    Y folks – would an SUV be towed if they used the ‘efficient’ spot to park?

  6. Really poor decision making on the Haselwood Y’s part.

    When I take my GM Solstice 30 mpg average car in for service where I purchased it at the Haselwood GMC dealership, finding a parking space is rather challenging since there are not any designated high effeciency vehicle designated spaces on that Haselwood funded property.

    What a ill though out silly thing to do. JBG excellent analogy.

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