What’s holding up work on closed SK bridge?

The in basket: Danielle Garringer asked back on July 24 what was holding up work on the bridge in South Colby, replacement of which has closed Southworth Drive for over a month.

I had noticed on July 10 that nothing much seemed to have gotten done.

“Our normal little drive into Manchester or even to get down Mile Hill is very hard now with the bridge all blocked off because they are supposedly tearing it down,” Danielle wrote. “Only thing is, it’s been a month and the bridge is still standing, At least tear it down so I feel like driving all the way around is justifiable! I kind of feel like my 5-year-old could tear it down faster than they are.”

Tuesday morning I visited the site and saw that a wrecking ball finally was pounding away at the old bridge.

I asked what has been going on.

The out basket: Danielle and I (and I’d guess most people) assumed that the replacement of a bridge would begin with demolition of the old one. We were wrong.

Doug Bear of Kitsap County Public Works says, “The project is on schedule. They have completed construction of the drilled shafts (pile supports) for the new bridge.  There are eight shafts, 4.5 feet in diameter, 55 feet deep on the east side, 75 feet deep on the west.

“Each shaft includes installing a steel reinforcing bar (full depth), and the backfilling with concrete.  In addition, each shaft has been sonic tested to ensure that there are no voids in the shafts.

“This work could not have been completed without closing the bridge. Bridge demolition work began last week. The actual demolition of the bridge began yesterday. (Aug. 1). The contract for work on the bridge runs through December.”


2 thoughts on “What’s holding up work on closed SK bridge?

  1. Thank you very much for this! It is really good to know things are on track and they really are working. lol. I really hope they have it done in December like stated vs. March like the sign says. Again thank you for taking the time to look into this.

  2. If the contract runs through December, why do the signs on either side of the bridge say that it will be closed until march?

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