Agitated driver wants update on Lake Flora roundabout

The in basket: Rich Farrell says he “recently I skidded 10,000 miles of rubber off a new set of tires and depreciated my brake lining life span by at least five years at the intersection of Lake Flora Road and Lake Flora/JM Dickenson….the famous T-intersection where many drivers will not come to a complete stop!!

“At one point in time there was a planned roundabout  proposed for the intersection,” Rich said. “Whatever happened? How many accidents will it take before such an animal is constructed? Does the country have a ‘death quota’ before acting on such? With the traffic increase of the area, it won’t take long before someone is either seriously injured or killed at the intersection.”

The out basket: I got the misimpression somewhere that the roundabout Rich asks about was under way. It isn’t but it soon will be.

Doug Bear, public works spokesman for the county, says work is to begin Aug. 8. The contract was on the county commissioners’ schedule for approval on July 25. A November completion is planned.


6 thoughts on “Agitated driver wants update on Lake Flora roundabout

  1. Travis: Thank you very much for the update. I thoght the county might have transfered the funds to do something constructive like close down the gun range. (SARCASIM INTENDED!!)

  2. gosh,

    if you are aware that the intersection may be hazardous, why wouldn’t you slow down before the approach?

  3. I was actually hoping the county was using their money somewhere more useful. If Mr. Rich Farrell skidded that much rubber off his tires then he too was going way to fast. The roundabout is a complete waste of money. I too drive that road dailey. Does Mr. Farrell realize that he would be slowing down for the roundabout. There are so many more important things this money could be spent on. Truly sad they are wasting money there for people who just don’t know how to drive.

  4. How does the state and county determine that an intersection like Lake Flora and JM Dickenson require alteration due to safety concerns. Do they have a formula or algorithm and if so what is the data for this intersection that determined a roundabout was required and the correct solution?

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