What’s holding up right lane extension on Warren?

The in basket: Whenever I get stuck behind traffic stopped at at a red light on Warren Avenue  in Bremerton at 11th street, unable to reach the right turn lane that would allow me to proceed up 11th instead of waiting, I wonder what’s holding up the city’s plan to make that right turn lane longer.

The work is to allow more cars to reach 11th in the outside lane and turn right, greatly reducing the lines of vehicles waiting on Warren.

Last I heard they planned to have it done this year, but the construction season is getting on toward rainy months. On the other hand, traffic in the city is about to be altered greatly by the months between the closure of the Manette Bridge and opening of its replacement.

I asked if the two things have something to do with one another.

The out basket: Indeed they do, says Gunnar Fridriksson of the city engineering staff.

“We are anticipating going to ad (for bids) late this year and delaying

construction until next spring,” he said. “Our acquisitions (of right of way) went fairly well and we were planning on going

out this year.  But with workload and then WSDOT announcing the Manette

bridge closure starting in July, we let the construction date slide to accommodate.”


One thought on “What’s holding up right lane extension on Warren?

  1. I find it interesting that they decided to put off the lengthening of
    the right turn lane from Warren onto 11th St until AFTER the
    completion of the Manette Bridge. I sure thought that might have been
    a terrific way to help eliminate some of the back log from the bridge
    closure. I realize funding, deadlines, etc play a part, but it would have been a good way to help ease some of the congestion and frustration of the coming months of bridge closure.

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