Speed limits on Greaves and Old Frontier compared

The in basket: Lucrecia Mirano of Silverdale,says, “My question is why Greaves Way, the new street in Silverdale, which is a four-lane street with divider, and no intersections or driveways (yet) has been given a maximum speed limit of 35 miles per hour, while Old Frontier, a two-lane (with) no divider and lots of driveways and intersections, is set at 40 miles per hour?

“With the Greaves incline when you are going towards the distributor (highway), it is very hard to keep your car under 35 mph,” she said.

The out basket: County Engineer Jon Brand replies, “The speed limit there is based on the design, the 8 percent longitudinal grade, horizontal curvature and safely accommodating non-motorized users. Eventual development along that road is also considered as we set speed limits.

“That being said, I’ve asked our design engineer to review the speed limit to see if it should be raised to 40 mph until more development happens along Greaves Way,” Jon said.


One thought on “Speed limits on Greaves and Old Frontier compared

  1. I don’t have any trouble keeping to 35 mph on Greaves Way and I hope the speed limit isn’t raised.
    There must be some value in esthetics otherwise, why not have made Greaves Way like Old Frontier Road? Greaves Way is the most beautiful drive in Kitsap County and too short – why drive it faster?

    Frontier Road on the other hand needs a faster speed limit …but not if its unsafe to do so.

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