Vague road safety release fleshed out a little

The in basket: Kitsap County Public Works turned out a news release in late March telling of the receipt of a federal safety grant. I found it odd, in that no dollar figure was provided and the expected use of the money was vaguely described, saying it would improve lighting at high collision intersections and curves, upgrade warning signs on high collision corridors, acquire and install speed radar signs for corridors with high collision rates, survey and remediate clear zone obstacles, and install recessed pavement markers. The clear zone is the roadside border area, outside the traveled way, available for safe use by out-of-control vehicles.

No locations were given.

I asked for some more details, ideally with some locations..

The out basket: Jeff Shea, county traffic engineer, says the county got the grants both in 2009 and 2010.

One in 2009 was for $500,000 in rural road safety upgrades and another in 2010 was for $2,525,000, usable for both rural and urban locations.

The 2009 grant was spent to

“identify nearly 30 locations where lack of lighting contributed to collisions,” he said. “These locations include several intersections along Hansville, Holly and Glenwood roads to name (some) examples. At these locations spot street lighting will be added to increase visibility and improve safety.

It also funded installation of recessed pavement markings on approximately 90 miles of arterial roads, including Miller Bay, Belfair Valley, and Mullenix roads.

Funds from this grant will be used to inventory eight roads for roadside hazards in the clear zone. County staff still are working to identify what the 2010 grant will be spend on, he said.

“These are the general projects this grant funded:,” Jeff said.

” We identified urban areas where adding spot lighting improved visibility and has the potential to reduce collisions.  No specific locations have been selected yet.

” We plan to install recessed pavement markings on about 75 more miles of roads.

“We will replace lower grade reflective sheeting with material that meets new retro-reflectivity standards on about 300 signs throughout the county.

” We will purchase 10 radar speed signs to install at problem speeding areas.  Likely permanent locations for these signs will be at McWilliams Road, Sidney Road, Silverdale Way, Augusta Avenue and Colchester Drive.


The grant also provides money to supplement local funds on a safety project to construct a left turn lane at Bethel-Burley to Mullenix Road.  This intersection is on the county’s high collision list


“We will install 10 permanent speed radar signs,” which tell a driver how fast he’s going. “We have one other permanent location on Illahee Road that was purchased by the Port of Illahee.  We have four portable solar signs we move around the county.   We currently have no plans to purchase any more portable signs.


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