Crack in Highway 166 brings back memories

The in basket: Highway 166 between Gorst and Port Orchard is well-known for having its hillsides slide down and cover the roadway, closing it to traffic for weeks or months.

But when I saw a crack develop in its pavement near Ross Creek recently, it took me back to the days, probably 20 years ago or longer, when the opposite happened.

Then the roadbed slid off toward the waters of Sinclair Inlet, dropping the pavement six feet or more. That, too, was a lengthy closure and required some innovative repair to make the restored roadbed as lightweight as possible.

That wasn’t the same location. It was around on the other side of Ross Point. But the similarities were great enough I asked what the state knew about the new crack.

The out basket: Duke Stryker, head of state highway maintenance crews here, said he’s not expecting anything nearly as catastrophic this time.

“The crack is from  a small wash out on the westbound side of the highway,” he said, “as a result of the heavy rains we have experienced over the last several months.  We had our licensed materials engineer out to (look at it). There  is no immediate threat to the roadway or users.

“Our plan to is to armor the washout with quarry spalls and pull a grader patch over the settlement when the weather becomes more favorable,” he said. “We’ll be sealing up the crack for a temporary fix and

keeping an eye out for any additional movement.”

One thought on “Crack in Highway 166 brings back memories

  1. What a load of crap! That hillside had no problems from when I moved here from Spokane in 1967 until the early ’80’s when the land was “developed” at the top of the bluff ad the hillside was clearcut to provide the “expansive view” that the new residents of the hilltop development expected.

    Since then numerous landslides have blocked one of two major routes to Port Orchard.

    Only through the grace of God has no one been injured or killed as a result of these landslides, a direct result of the development at the top of the bluff.

    IMHO, the home owner’s at the top of that hill should be held financially responsible for any damages, to include loss of revenue for business’s for the closures of Wa. Sat Hi way 166 due to erosion.

    May be high price to pay for your “view property”, but these homeowners and the property developer should have considered the
    consequences of the developed land before hand.

    BTW, the county holds no small responsibility for the effects of the “development”. After all, they approved the plans…..

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