How about clearing outside lane at Manette Bridge?

The in basket: Gary Reed writes, “The people building the Manette Bridge have been leaving their large sign and traffic cones on Washington Avenue, long after the work is done for the day. This blocks the outside lane that is used to turn onto the bridge all the way to the bridge entrance, forcing everyone to wait for a green light for the inside lane to continue straight or turn right onto the bridge.

“Is it just too inconvenient for them to place and remove the sign each day?  It is pretty inconvenient to the motorists when traffic backs up for blocks,” Gary said.

The out basket: Project Engineer Jeff Cook says it comes down to weighing cost savings versus traffic disruption.

“Starting last week, and for the next few months,” he said, “the bridge work is occurring under both daytime and nighttime operations.  Both day and night work require the closure of the turn lane.

“There is a small window of a few hours between the two shifts when the arrow board, signs, and channelization devices have been left in place,” he said. “As there is a cost associated with each set up and take down, we have been monitoring the extent of traffic backups in an effort to balance convenience of travel with cost to the project.

“Since it takes approximately 30 minutes to fully remove the setup and take it to a staging yard, then another 30 minutes to re-establish the setup, it is something we are continually assessing.

“This week we will be pulling off the closure at the end of day shift and setting it back up for the night work and monitoring the difference,”  Jeff said.

One thought on “How about clearing outside lane at Manette Bridge?

  1. The sign indicating lane closure is posted at 6th and Washington. Anyone going straight would be smart to turn left on 6th and detour up Pacific ave to avoid the construction. A bigger problem are drivers who don’t follow the rules about blocking intersections, or negotiating a four way stop.

    I pass over that bridge several times a day. Even with the delays during rush hour it is still more convenient than detouring over the Warren Avenue bridge. I continue to be impressed with the great job they are doing.

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