Speed limit questioned on part of Seabeck Highway

The in basket: Tom Deno thinks the speed limit on Seabeck Highway should be reduced to 35 miles per hour around its intersection with Newberry Hill Road. He asks,”Why is it 50 mph? There are nine-foot lanes, no shoulders and no left-turn lanes. Newberry Hill Road has  wider lanes, wide shoulders and it is 45 mph.”

The out basket: Kitsap County Traffic Engineer Jeff Shea says there is no apparent need for such a change.

The speed limit on Seabeck Highway was set in 1976,” he said. “.Speed limits are normally reviewed when conditions along the road change significantly.

“Changes could include significant land development, roadway geometric changes, and high collision occurrence  among other considerations.

“Very little has changed along Seabeck Highway in this area,” Jeff said. “Along with little changes along the road, the collision history is minimal with about 3.5 collisions per year on Seabeck Highway between Newberry Hill and Holly.

“We continue to monitor all roads for indicators that warrant reviewing the established speed limits.”

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