Still waiting for Hood Canal Bridge approach cameras

The in basket: Dan Godecke asks about a series of cameras he understood would be installed along Highway 3 between its interchange with Highway 305 and the Hood Canal Bridge. They were to allow people to go online and see how bad congestion was, particularly during closures of the bridge to vehicle traffic, such as when a ship was passing through the draw span.

The project was done instead of creating a through lane on Highway 3 leading to the bridge that would allow vehicles not heading to the bridge but needing to proceed north a way past all the waiting cars, he said.

Dan still would much prefer an extra lane to get past the bridge closure lineups, but he’d like to access the images from the cameras to see if they will help. He wonders why the images aren’t available online.

The out basket: Kelly Stowe of the state transportation department says the cameras are all installed, but the state is ‘”currently working with local phone companies to establish communications from the highway to our Traffic Management Center (TMC) that is located in Parkland (in Pierce County).” Parkland is where all the cameras in the seven-county Olympic Region, including Kitsap, are managed.

“This communication between the camera on the highway and TMC is necessary for (drivers) to ultimately see the cameras on our Traffic Alerts page,” she said..

“Once the communication issues have been resolved, a field inspection and certification of the system will have to occur so we can ensure the camera images are stable before they are made public via the Web,” Kelly said. “It will still be a few more weeks before these camera images are made available to the public but our technicians are working on it.”

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